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SASCO Gulf Commercial Division specialized in trading and execution. We are the agent for selective and reputed international suppliers, such as: 


Soft Applications/Labo Deco is a brand based in Switzerland. The brand offers a complete range of fluorinated resin products to protect both internal and external construction surfaces from deterioration and exposure to local weather and pollution and the action of salts and chemicals and human interference.

  • Protective treatments within this range relate to the following materials.
  • Natural or reconstituted stones, Concrete, Terracotta, Mineral Roughcast.
  • Heritage and Cultural Monuments
    • Civil Engineering works, Highways, Bridges and Walls
    • Any Façade exposed to weather and pollution
    • New or renovated buildings Treatments can be safely applied to: 


On-ground perimeter protection specialists – Developed by Blok N Mesh UK Ltd., the unique range of POLMIL® fencing is designed for rapid deployment, ease of installation and is suitable for use on all types of surface. POLMIL® system provides a secure, reloadable, on ground alternative to traditional post-in-ground security fencing. POLMIL® products are widely deployed at Government establishments, Royal Navy docks, National Grid substations, airports, gas works, mining operations and other security sensitive sites.


WISE – Is an ideal woven vinyl fabric floor, that will cover any flooring needs, It is the best alternative to traditional carpets, wooden and marble floors. It can be used indoors or outdoors according to customer desires. It is flame resistant and it has much better anti-slip properties than a wooden or marble floor.

UZAYKON (Turkey)

INDUSTRIAL SPACE FRAME SYSTEM – UZAYKON with an expert staff in prefabricated steel buildings, space frame roofs, roof and wall coverings in the project together with the manufacturing and installation of the most appropriate solution. Space Frame system are used in Building, Stadium, Sports Halls, swimming pools, shopping malls, gas stations, etc., Retrofit any place space frame systems unlimited. UZAYKON company services:

  • Space Frame System
  • Steel Building System
  • Side Coating System
  • Engineering Consulting Services


Since 1987, METS Energy has been generating power and providing power solutions to partnering clients in more than forty countries in many sectors; construction, industrial, residential and telecom. They are one of the leader in the continuous power generation field in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. METS Energy, works in highest standards of quality, ethics, and integrity in addition to continuous commitment to both human and technical developments form the pillars upon which METS Energy conducts its business.


Verdissimo – The Guirnaldas-Verdissimo group is the world’s largest producer of preserved flowers and plants. All preserved products by Verdissimo are real, natural flowers and plants that have been treated with a plant-based and biodegradable preservation liquid. No toxic ingredients are used. Preserved flowers are a 100% natural and a virtually maintenance-free decorative solution.


CubeLock was established as a prolongation for the Jordan based “Leaders Establishment” to serve the ever growing market of Abu Dhabi and the other GCC countries. With over than 15 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of exterior and interior cladding, laminated toilet cubicles, lockers and seating benches, laboratory furniture and fume cupboards, CubeLock is committed to providing advanced, sustainable and innovative architectural solutions that contribute to the enrichment of the built environment.


Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. has been manufacturing a variety of different types of telecom towers for different needs. Throughout its experience for decades, MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. has a huge database of different tower families that comply with almost all types of customer demands.