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Sasco is committed to the safety and welfare of all employees and maintaining a safety process which actively involves all employees in identifying, preventing and correcting workplace safety issues to reduce or eliminate accidents and injuries. Our goal is to educate, promote and encourage the practice of safety by reducing unsafe acts and hazardous conditions for the good of all directly and indirectly involved in our work and for the benefit of the environment.

All occupational Health and Safety Requirements applying to construction, earthworks, building and civil engineering works, renovation and disassembly of prefabricated elements, demolition and design works performed on the ground, underground or in water shall be observed at all times by Sasco Gulf.

A dedicated Safety Officer will be appointed to each site.

All employees and sub-contractors will be made fully aware of their obligations to Health and Safety on site in addition to the Company’s obligations to keep a safe, clean working environment. At no time will risk-taking be tolerated and good housekeeping is essential at all times by all personnel.

All equipment on site, cranes, lifting equipment, scaffolding, mobile shuttering, temporary supports and protective equipment used on site shall ensure the safety of the workplace. All equipment will be inspected periodically to ensure the safety of same.

A weekly general inspection of the site will take place, paying particular attention regarding protection against falling, scaffolding, access routes, lighting, energy distribution installations, lifting equipment and the methods of preventing the collapse of soil or excavations etc.

All equipment will be checked prior to being used on site to ensure it is in good condition.

All technical equipment will be inspected at intervals throughout a project by a competent technical person.

First Aid provision on site will be the responsibility of the Company and First Aid teams will be appointed and trained to ensure safety of workers. First Aid kits will be provided in the site offices and will be fitted with appropriate equipment.

Dangerous work generally must be performed by two workers, or if performed by one, he/she must be in sight/sound of other workers or have an appropriate means of communication.

All other matters regarding H&S on sites is covered in our Accident Prevention Manual.